Apprenticeship & Craft Training Committee

The goal of the ACT committee is to provide ABC members with premier construction training programs in Alaska.

The committee members are charged with establishing program goals and objectives on an annual basis, reviewing and updating standard operating procedures in collaboration with the Federal Office of Apprenticeship, screening and selection of qualified applicants for apprenticeship and placing apprentices under written apprenticeship agreements.

The committee serves as ABC's final authority in the appeal process for apprentices and qualified applicants cancelled from or denied entrance into the program.

Committee members also work with staff for program development opportunities, establish minimum standards of related instruction and on-the-job training required of apprentices, coordinate annual apprentice/journeymen awards, and provide for continuous employment of apprentices by fostering relationships with other participating employers.

If you would like to become a member please contact Amber Cartier at [email protected]

Governmental Affairs Committee

This committee focus is to fight for the rights of the merit shop. It remains an uphill battle with organized labor controlling so much of the politics impacting our industry - and the politicians who push through laws that favor union over merit shop. For years we have been on the defensive. Today we are fighting back with equal or greater resolve. Our fight isn't pro or anti-union. Rather, it's about what is right and fair based on our founding father's philosophy of freedom, dignity, and the innate rights of citizens throughout the free world.

The ABC Political Action Committee supports the causes and candidates dedicated to the fight to protect fair and open competition for our members through your donations.

Fighting for Your Rights at the Federal Level - ABC PAC

The purpose of ABC PAC is to work within the federal election process to further the goals of the association through direct involvement in supporting and opposing candidates for the Office of President, United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. This is accomplished through educating our members on the importance of political activism and through financial support of merit shop candidates.

ABC PAC is governed by 15 board members who are appointed by the ABC National Chairman. The board members serve a three-year term and represent each of the seven regions. The ABC PAC Board of Trustees works with the Regional Vice Chairs and chapter leadership to promote political involvement and assist in raising PAC funds. Trustees also approve all disbursements to candidates based on well-established guidelines such as voting records of incumbents.

ABC's PAC is your voice in elective politics. ABC PAC members' contributions are combined with others to jointly support candidates. This provides a unified and powerful voice for the merit agenda. It is also an opportunity to participate in one of the largest pro-business PACs in the nation.

For more information about this committee please contact Alicia Maltby at [email protected]

Membership Committee

Connecting You with Industry Leaders through Networking Opportunities

Membership in ABC provides the opportunity to network with construction industry professionals through a variety of meetings, networking groups, and volunteer leadership activities.

ABC Meetings

ABC conducts a number of conferences and meetings that provide the perfect forum for members to meet with peers and learn from industry experts.

  • Legislative Conference
  • ABC Institute for Leadership and Professional Development

For more information about this committee please contact Crystal Mappala - [email protected]