Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What approved apprenticeship programs does ABC of Alaska offer?

A. We offer: Electrical, Plumbing, Pipe Fitter, Sprinkler Fitter, Sheet Metal, Carpentry, Insulation, HVAC

Q. What are the wages that I will be making?

A. Wages for the State of Alaska depends on your on-the-job hours and your level of instruction book work.

Q. Do I need experience?

A. It is not necessary to have any experience. You will receive both On-the-Job-Training and book work instruction when you start your apprenticeship.

Q. What are the requirements?
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 17 years of age and up ( 17 years old with parental consent)
  • One year of HS Algebra or equivalent with a "C" or higher

Q. What if I do not meet the math requirement? A. There are a few options for applicants to take if they do not meet the math requirement on their transcripts.

  • Alaska Job Center- WorkKeys Level 4 Certification for Applied Math
  • TABE ( Test for Adult Basic Education) Grade 9 Equivalent

Q. When is the deadline for the applications?

A. We accept applications throughout the year. We hold interviews every two weeks on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The deadline to have your application complete and turned in is Friday the week before the interviews are held. To find out the dates for the interviews please call our office at (907) 565-5600.

Q. How long will it take to get into the program?

A. After you finish the interview process you will then be ranked in our applicant pool (wait-list). Being on the wait-list is different for all applicants. You can increase your ranking with any further education/ training certifications you receive.

Q. What type of training/ certifications do companies look for?

A. OSHA (10 and 30), First Aid, CPR, Fork-lifting, NSTC, HAZWOPER, or any safety related training for construction

Q. Do I have to find my own work?

A. ABC is not a job placement center, we are a member based apprenticeship program. However, if you are accepted into the program you will be dispatched to one of our member companies for on-the-job training. We encourage applicants to do their own job search while on the wait-list.

Q. What if I am currently working for a contractor?

A. As long as all of the requirements are met, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next step of the application process. Once accepted, you will be dispatched to that company as an apprentice, as long as you are on the company’s payroll prior to entering the program. If the contractor is not a member of ABC of Alaska, speak to your employer about becoming one. Otherwise, ABC will dispatch you to a member of ABC of Alaska

Q. How much does the program cost?

A. The only expense you will have will be tools for your selected trade. Once you start the program your employer will pay for your current level books. Also when you take tests there will be a $30 retake for the first three attempts, after that it will increase $10 per retake

Q. How long is the program?

A. The program is a 4 year apprenticeship. To reach journey-level you will need to complete 5 levels of book work for your chosen trade and 8,000 or on-the-job training hours.

If all of your questions are not answered here please contact out office at (907) 565-5600.